As of now, All Sproutlings have a 4 week production period and a 2 week shipping period!
green plant art doll with plush pet snails and slugs.

What are Sproutlings?

Sproutlings and their cousins Mushlings are mysterious plant-based creatures. No one really knows where they come from, only that they are kind and friendly beings. They appear randomly and once one finds a safe home, others flock there.   

What is Little Sproutling Nursery?

Little Sproutling Nursery was founded when our small family home became one of those mysterious gathering places and we were flooded with the little creatures. What else are we to do but adopt them to loving homes? Just be careful or your home might become a gathering place too, Sproutlings hardly ever stay alone for long.   

What do they need? What can they do?

Sproutlings can't eat or drink so they don’t ask for much, mostly just your friendship and a nice windowsill or shelf to call home. In return they happily lend a caring ear—or leaf—to your problems and you may find a decrease in bad dreams or even discover lost items placed in an obvious spot the morning after mentioning it.   

What are sproutlings really?

Sproutlings are small, soft and posable art dolls around 7 inches in height. They are original creations based on plants and mushrooms.

What are they made of?

Sproutlings are made by hand out of super soft minky fabric, have an aluminum armature and are stuffed with hypoallergenic  polyfill. .  

Who's the artist?

A self taught plush and soft sculpture artist living in the northeast of the US. Holly is a 28 year old mother and a shy introvert struggling against chronic illness. 

Tell me about shipping.

Covid precautions: Each doll will be sterilized via a UVC wand and then packed with gloves to ensure safety and sterilization without harm to the dolls. 

Shipping:  Please allow up to a week for item to ship, due to shipping delays item may take longer than usual to arrive, we ask for your patience. Package will ship via USPS.